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    Support during tests

    Feasibility check

    • At the Rousselet test site in Annonay: we can test the centrifuge technology with non-hazardous materials.
    • On site: preliminary studies with equipment required for the customer's process.

    Technical support

    • More than fifteen highly qualified engineers and technicians work on continuously improving the machine design so that we can offer and deliver unique and reliable solutions for specific cutting tasks.
    • Our process and mechanical engineers are on hand to assist you with set-up and provide technical advice on new applications.
    • Our engineering department can draw sketches and/or perform some initial calculations to check the mechanical and electrical possibilities.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Druckbehaelter - Dienstleistungen Unterstützung


    Sample and pilot tests are carried out at Rousselet or at the customer's site to evaluate performance on an industrial scale.