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    Liquid-liquid extraction / separation

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Anlagenbau - Zentrifugalextraktion flüssig/flüssig

    Liquid-liquid extraction / separation

    Rousselet Robatel is a world leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products for various industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, textiles, metallurgy and food.

    Rousselet Robatel has developed centrifugal extractors for liquids/liquids and decanter mixers at laboratory scale, pilot scale and production scale.

    Rousselet Robatel is at the forefront of liquid-liquid separation and extraction in the industry, supplying customised turnkey centrifuges.

    Principle of liquid-liquid extraction

    Commonly known as solvent extraction, it consists of transferring a substance contained in a dissolved state (or as a solute) in a liquid phase into another liquid phase that is immiscible with the first and has a different density, due to the different affinity of this solute towards the two phases.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Druckbehaelter - Zentrifugalextraktion Flüssig / Flüssig

    Liquid-liquid extraction / separation series from Rousselet Robatel

    The liquid/liquid dispersion created during mixing is separated by: