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    Industrial centrifuges

    Industrial centrifuges

    Rousselet Robatel

    Based in Annonay (France), Rousselet Robatel designs, manufactures and sells complete centrifuge systems for solid-liquid and liquid-liquid separation.

    More than 250 years of combined experience in centrifugal separation have enabled Rousselet Robatel to develop technological know-how and build a reputation based on reliability and quality.

    The company has evolved from laboratory scale to industrial production to become an expert in centrifugal separation.

    To the website: https://www.rousselet-robatel.com

    Our strength and our values

    Rousselet Robatel accompanies its customers at every stage of the production process, from laboratory scale and preliminary design to pilot-scale development, operational commissioning and industrial production.

    Representation in Germany

    Rousselet Robatel is present worldwide through its subsidiaries and agents. ARRGOS is its subsidiary in Germany and represents Rousselet on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Druckbehaelter - Zentrifugen

    All our centrifugal separation systems are designed and manufactured in-house at our production facility in Annonay (France).

    Being fully integrated, we carry out our design studies, purchasing and production in a methodical and formalised way to deliver equipment that meets specifications drawn up in conjunction with the customer and adheres to strict quality and safety standards.

    Thus, at every key stage of production, from the initial procurement of raw materials and components to the various manufacturing steps in our preparation, boiler construction, machining and assembly workshops, we work systematically with uncompromising quality control aligned with established methods and procedures.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Anlagenbau - Fest / flüssig Zentrifugaltrennung

    Solid-liquid separation

    Centrifugal separation of a mixed suspension of solid phase into liquid.
    It consists of two different methods:

    • Filtration (or centrifugation)
    • Decantation

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Anlagenbau - flüssig / flüssig Zentrifugalextraktion

    Liquid-liquid extraction

    Commonly known as solvent extraction,
    it consists in transferring a substance contained in the dissolved state (or solute) in a liquid phase to another liquid phase that is immiscible with the first and has a different density, thanks to the different affinity of this solute with respect to these two phases.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Anlagenbau - Chromatographie


    Technique for purification and/or separation of compounds/molecules with high added value.
    This chromatographic technique implements a two-phase liquid system.