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    Commissioning of plants and centrifuges

    Inspections of production equipment, particularly centrifuges, are recommended to ensure optimum installation, safety and efficiency.
    On the basis of extensive experience and cases of damage, and taking into account accumulated experience, it is recommended that the following checks be carried out on centrifuges by qualified personnel:

    Check before the first commissioning

    Operators must ensure that centrifuges that fall within the scope of the Machinery Ordinance are checked to ensure that they are properly installed, equipped and ready for operation before they are put into service for the first time.

    The inspection before commissioning must cover the following in particular:

    • Arrangement of the actuating elements of emergency switching devices (emergency stop) and main switches, leakage of substances with hazardous properties,
    • Electrical equipment,
    • Potentially explosive atmosphere,
    • Noise during installation at the production site,
    • Stability,
    • Centrifuge suitable for the intended use,
    • Presence of required documentation,
    • Instructions for use with documentation and manufacturer's declaration,
    • Register for control.

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    Control after a change

    The operator must ensure that centrifuges which are converted by him for working procedures or supplemented by other equipment and which are intended for an operating mode not provided for in the centrifuge manufacturer's operating instructions are checked for their safe operating condition before being put into operation for the first time.