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    Cannabis extraction

    Extraction by ethanol-based filtration

    The Cannafuge is designed for the extraction and separation of ethanol-based cannabis biomass extraction systems.

    • Made of 316L stainless steel, the Cannafuge can be supplied with rotors for immersion or with specially designed baskets, including the unique IMP design.
    • Complete and fast cleaning is ensured by integrated CIP systems and designs that allow all parts of the centrifuge to be inspected for inspection.
    • Excellent separation performance is ensured by G-forces as high as 1800 G.
    • For low temperature applications, the Cannafuge can be built with a double jacket for the coolant to maintain the internal temperature of the vessel down to -40 °C with improved insulation.
    • With various handling solutions, including the unique "KSA" biomass recovery system, the Cannafuge can accept filter bags pre-packed with cannabis biomass or be fed directly with a cannabis-ethanol suspension.
    • For hazardous applications, the processing electrical components are rated for Atex or Class 1 environments, Groups C and D, Division 1. C and D, Division 1.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Anlagenbau - Cannabisextraltion

    Cleaning with the help of the FCPC

    Centrifugal partition chromatography is a purification method used to isolate individual fractions. used to isolate individual fractions from complex mixtures of organic components. In the rapidly growing cannabis market, Kromaton FCPC has established itself as an effective means of separating cannabinoid fractions for pharmaceutical applications. As a means of attenuating the psychoactive properties of cannabis products, FCPC has been shown to remove Δ9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from CBD (cannabidiol). CBD (cannabidiol) while maintaining the active properties of cannabis extracts.

    Extensive research has been conducted on the use of CPFC as an effective tool for producing high-purity cannabis extracts. an effective tool for producing high-purity fractions from research and development scale to production scale.

    This research has shown that the PCFC is well suited to the use of different solvent systems depending on the cannabinoid fraction(s).

    Recovery of active ingredients by liquid-liquid centrifugal extraction

    When operating as a centrifuge extractor to perform liquid-liquid extractions, a feed solution containing one or more solutes (blue) and immiscible solvent (yellow) is used. Immiscible solvent (shown in yellow), whose density is different from the density of the feed solution, are introduced into the mixing chamber at the bottom of the centrifuge housing.

    A rotating stirring disk mixes the two immiscible liquids to form a dispersion (shown in green). Different models of stirring discs can be used depending on the interfacial tension of the liquid. Efficient mixing creates a large interface between the two liquids to ensure maximum mass transfer of solutes. Efficient mixing creates a large interfacial area between two liquids to facilitate the transfer of the solute(s).