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    Aroma extraction line

    Liquid-liquid centrifugal extraction is a proven method with numerous advantages for extracting flavors from plants, herbs and fruits.

    Our state-of-the-art technology uses liquid-liquid centrifugation to separate flavor components from plant material, using natural solvents that do not affect the quality or purity of the extracted flavors.

    This method allows us to extract more concentrated and intense aromas than traditional methods such as distillation or cold pressing. The extracted flavors have exceptional quality with authentic taste and smell, which allows our customers to create high quality products.

    Our liquid-liquid centrifugal flavor extraction equipment is perfectly suited to the needs of the food and cosmetics industries, offering benefits such as lower production costs, better quality end products and faster extraction capacity.

    Our equipment is also ATEX certified to ensure that our equipment meets the most stringent safety standards for potentially explosive environments. Our commitment to safety is our top priority and we ensure that our equipment is regularly upgraded to meet the latest developments in ATEX standards.

    Rely on our expertise and learn how our state-of-the-art technology can help you create exceptional food and beverage products with intense and authentic flavors. Contact us today to learn more about our liquid-liquid centrifugation flavor extraction system.