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    CIP and SIP units

    The design and manufacture of Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) equipment is a complex process that requires extensive technical skills. CIPs are automated cleaning systems used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to clean production equipment in place without having to disassemble it.

    Arrgos - Zentrifugen und Anlagenbau - CIP- und SIP-Einheiten

    Arrgos designs and builds CIP equipment with the following features:

    • Compliance with standards and regulations related to food safety, quality and reliability. Arrgos has extensive knowledge of applicable standards and is able to integrate them into the design and manufacture of CIP equipment.
    • Control and automation systems: process sensors allow the monitoring of cleaning cycles. They ensure efficient and automated cleaning on site, from the first rinse in the solvent channel to the final rinse with conductivity measurement.
    • Materials: On-site cleaning and sterilization involves the use of aggressive chemicals at high temperatures. Proper selection of materials for transporting sodium hydroxide, acids and steam is critical to ensure reliable operation throughout the life of the system.
    • Fixed or rotating nozzles and spray heads: these essential elements of CIP and SIP equipment in tanks and production plants are key components when sizing equipment.
    • Piping: Attention to detail in the design and manufacturing quality of piping is critical to the efficient transport of liquids and gases. Adequate slope, minimization of dead-legs, pressure losses, and good condensate drainage are parameters that absolutely must be considered to ensure reliable operation.
    • Pumping systems: Pumps are the central element in cleaning systems where liquids are circulated. Their dimensioning in terms of flow and pressure is crucial to deliver the cleaning liquid with the right parameters to the equipment to be cleaned.


    Arrgos uses all its know-how to design and manufacture equipment for on-site cleaning.