Fast Centrifugal Chromatography

Centrifuge | chromatography | Model: FCPC® D


  • Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph with vertical axis
  • Rotor available: 5,000 ml
  • This equipment for industrial production is very reliable and easy to use.
  • Rotor liquid tight for liquid under pressure
  • Variable speed by means of a frequency inverter drive
  • Chromatograph control
  • Performed by Chromatographic software
  • The Chromatograph can also be controlled manually (speed, mode)
  • Chromatograph integrates only power panel with safety control system which is associated to operator safety and in relation with inverter drive
  • GMP peripheral equipment
  • This peripheral station is an automated high pressure solvent delivery module for preparative chromatography

  Technical data

  • Rotor available: 5 000 ml


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