Fast Centrifugal Chromatography

Centrifuge | chromatography | Model: FCPC® A


  • Preparative scale
  • Manuel valve mode (for switching from ascending / descending mode)
  • Frame and housing in stainless steel 316 L
  • Easy access to the rotor (when stopped) thanks to a secured door,
  • Instrument versatility: accept rotor exchange for 25, 50, 200 and 1000 ml
  • Security : automatic door lock security, emergency shutdown, overspeed, pressure sensor, overpressure, solvent tank
  • Peripheral equipment: Integrated, efficient, secure and compact set of built-in devices, allowing communication with FCPC® A (start, stop, injection etc.) for automated operations

  Technical data

  • Rotation speed: from 600 to 2,000 rpm
  • Rotor available: 200 & 1,000 ml
  • Material 316L stainless steel


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