Automatic centrifuges for food the industry

Centrifuge | Separation solid-liquid | Group: RCPC


  • Fully retractable lid, wide inspection doors, discharging funnel cover.
  • Basket base manufactured from solid stainless steel. Triangular shape of the wedge wire screens which forms the basket wall, cleaning in place pipes, shell design without any retention zones.


  • Between 350 kg and 3600 kg per hour, depending on the centrifuge model, the product features I.E size, specific gravity, fragility, and on the required or targeted remaining moisture.
  • Adjustable speed by means of a frequency inverter to select the most appropriate basket speeds for each cycle phase and to adjust the acceleration and deceleration times. Cycle programmer allowing up to 19 different cycles to be stored.
  • Control panel wich can also control upstream and downstream equipment.


  • Lid and inspection doors can only be opened when basket is registering zero speed.
  • Antivibration pads and motor counterweight ensures rigid centrifuge stability.
  • Centrifuge design is in accordance with safety regulations and European standards.


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Technical data decanter

Type Reel ⌀ (mm) Reelhight (mm) Useful volume (L) max. loading (kg) max. Rotation speed max. G-number
RCPC 70 700 525 630 0 0 0
RCPC 100 1.000 660 630 0 0 0